With their low cost and high usability, it seems like people are using tote bags wherever you look! Whether as their everyday bag, for groceries, at the library or slung over their shoulder on the way to a picnic – there is a tote for every occasion!

Tote bags aren’t going anywhere. Their popularity continues to increase – with luxury brands creating their own version of the affordable walking billboard that is the canvas tote! 

Tote bags are known for their carry-all, utilitarian and practical style. Commonly, when talking about promotional tote bags, people often think of the cotton tote, the classic tried and true tote bag.

This tote forged the way for a whole new range of totes. Every year there is more diversity in the tote bag realm – with different materials, handles, shapes and uses being made available.

So whether you need a tote bag with insulation to keep your drinks chilled at the beach or a structured tote bag with leather handles for client gifts, we have a vast range of the best tote bags available for your branding today. 

Market Tote Bags

If you are looking for an eco-aligning, reusable shopper bag, there are many great options. Non-woven grocery bags are a popular, affordable choice for grocery stores and shoppers. A great example of this bag is the Non-woven Tote Bag. Mesh tote bags for produce are a fashionable option for marketgoers and make a great add-on at the counter of whole foods stores, healthcare stores and beauty stores.

Another excellent tote for the Sunday market attendee is the Cotton Foldaway Tote which folds away after use, making it easy to store between uses!

Picnic Tote Bags 

Toting your cheeseboard, snacks and drinks to the park for a picnic? Tote bags with an insulated cooler compartment make the trip from car to picnic rug easier! The Platonia Cooler Shopper Tote is the perfect beach companion, with a zip closure and an insulated inner to keep your bevvies chilled.

Conference Tote Bags 

A part of our extensive range of tote bags are bags ideal for conferences. They are identifiable by their longer handles, which make them easy to wear on your shoulder throughout the day, and with enough space for any freebies and handouts you collect. 

School Tote Bags 

Often made of nylon or other waterproof materials – tote bags for schools come in handy for library books, swim class or school uniform changes. The Mercado Folding Tote Bag has an integrated drawstring pouch, making it easy to fold away when not in use – and can attach to the side of any school bag.

Corporate Tote Bags 

Our best-selling tote bag, the Pomelo, is the quintessential tote bag. With many corporate colours, finding the right bag for your corporate event, giveaway or expo is super easy.

Wine Tote Bags 

Yes! We even have tote bags just for your wine (we don’t want anyone missing out!) This mini tote makes presenting wine as a gift that much nicer, and it is also a great way to carry your wine to the park for a boozy picnic! The Vine Jute Wine Carrier is an on-trend, eco-friendly wine tote that won’t break the bank!

Trendy Tote Bags 

Most totes are trendy, but if you really want to impress, opt for a heavy-duty canvas like the Yubari Tote bag or the AS colour Carrie Tote. These take the best qualities of the tote and refine them. So you have quality, reinforced stitching and a thick calico canvas ready to be printed with your design or logo!

Unique Tote Bags

We love to bring your brand to life, and sometimes choosing a product that is that little bit different helps make a massive impact! We have transparent tote bags, dual-coloured tote bags and Jute totes that all have other elements that are bought to life when aligned with your brand and printed with your logo!

All in all, branded tote bags are a must-have for any business looking to promote its brand. So if you’re looking to get your logo out in the world, branded tote bags are one of the best ways to do it. 


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