It’s coming up to the end of the year. 

Office parties, secret-santa and Christmas events usually litter the calendars of all workplaces. It has been a long year, one of many changes and challenges for all. Many have had their idea of work and usual routine reshaped and reconfigured to a mish-mash of working from home, rotating rosters and zoom calls. With all of this change happening in our office spaces, it’s no shock that promotional gifting has changed along with it. Due to the ups and downs of Covid-19, events and parties seem to constantly be postponed. One thing that remains consistent is gift-giving. No matter what happens – the art of gift-giving remains core to the Christmas period, and besides my mums’ pavlova, it might be the best part!

So what Christmas gifts do you get for staff? Well, firstly, let’s identify your why and your who.

The Why?

Our staff have been adaptable this year. They have been resilient, optimistic, and strong. That is something worth celebrating. Gifts say “Thank you”, and they also say “I appreciate you”. Some of the best and most underused words!

Corporate Christmas gifts can either be an afterthought or an impactful and resounding THANKYOU. Let’s make it the latter!

The Who?

I have seen a massive shift in trends and interests in the past 12 months. Instagram has been full of self-care ideas, meditation, and relaxation videos. Friends have shared home workout tips, the best gear to make a gym out of your living room and hosted exercise classes via zoom. We have seen our colleagues who got takeaway lunch every day become master chefs, whipping up Crème Brûlée and nurturing their sourdough starters. The inner artists have emerged, with newfound interests and creativity pouring out of them. 

The people we are buying gifts for have hunkered down on what is important to them. We have gone back to the basics of pleasure, joy and slowing down. Gone is the time where a branded pen and chocolate was sufficed (although I’m not knocking a branded pen – still one of the most used promo items!) Priorities have evolved, and promos – as always – are right there evolving with them.



So, you know the why, and you know the who. Let us help you with ‘The What?’


Eco-friendly products are in!

And the environment thanks us. Gifting your staff minimal Eco-friendly gifts is not only a great end of the year – ‘thank you’ but a kind gesture to nature. It is also a great way to incorporate environmentalism further into your company’s culture.

Sleek bamboo is a gorgeous, durable material that pairs quality with classiness. A bamboo lunchbox, drink bottle with stainless steel inner, or a gorgeous bamboo cheeseboard are some of our top picks utilising the on-trend bamboo. Our wheat fibre products combine recycled materials and incredible design; check out our favourite stackable, eco-friendly lunchbox or our wheat-fibre powerbank for on-the-go charge.

For the Inner Yogi.

Gifts that energise and prompt self-care are the way to go – it’s a great way to tell your staff you value mental health and honour the importance of taking time out for themselves. A branded yoga mat or a sleek tea strainer bottle are quality gifts that will be used time and time again. Another option is a branded home humidifier or a soft flickering, linen scented candle that sets the scene for quality downtime.

Gifts that Spark Collaboration.

Create fun, action and collaboration with gifts that are outside the box. The vintage badminton set is an attractive and fun throwback. Or add a flying frisbee to the mix for some chaotic office fun. Considering how the gift can spark fun and be hands-on is a great direction to head in, and a way to build morale. 

Everyone needs Quality Tech Items.

And it is one of our most used products day-to-day. A wireless charger can sit on a desk at work or at home. A Bluetooth speaker carried between a gym space, work and a dinner with friends. Our selection of tech items are modern, useful and easy on the eye.

And let’s not Forget Sweets!

A delicious add on to every gift – and the first thing to be torn open. Gold foiled chocolate stars, a large Toblerone package with your logo, chocolate-coated coffee beans or raspberries. We can help you find the perfect branded snack to make your gift pack a punch full of flavour.

The countdown is on, and before we know it, Mariah Careys ‘All I Want for Christmas – Is you’ will start drifting out of someone’s office cubicle.

Gift-giving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially corporate Christmas gifts, so let us help you. From the ideas stage to the branding, packaging and posting, we handle it all. We have selected the best corporate Christmas ideas so you don’t have to. Call us anytime on 1300 113 799 and chat with us directly or email us at [email protected]