Hoodies are a staple in the wardrobe of many people. Comfortable and warm, they also make a statement about the person wearing it. Whether a simple design or a bold statement, a hoodie can say a lot about a person’s style!

In recent years, hoodies have become more than just casual clothing worn on your morning walk. They’ve become a fashion statement and a way to show off your personality and style. This is why more and more organisations are now using hoodies as promotional items to spread their brand message and connect with their customers.

A Trendy Way to Promote Your Business

Promotional hoodies are an excellent way for businesses to get their message across in a fun, stylish way. By incorporating your logo or message onto a hoodie, you can create a unique item that customers will love to wear. This helps promote your brand and allows customers to feel like they’re a part of your brand – and its story- which can increase customer loyalty.

A Unique Way to Stand Out

Hoodies are a unique way for businesses to stand out from the crowd. By prominently displaying your logo or message on the hoodie, your brand will be seen by everyone strolling past the person wearing it. This is especially beneficial if the hoodie is worn in public places like parks, concerts, or sports events – it truly is a walking billboard!

As well as promoting your brand, hoodies also make great gifts for customers and employees. Whether a company event or a special occasion, a branded hoodie can be a meaningful and personal gift that customers and employees will love and wear repeatedly!

Benefits of Promotional Hoodies

There are many benefits to using hoodies as a promotional item. One great benefit is their affordability. Hoodies are a relatively cost-effective promotion compared to other outerwear items like jackets and blazers and are long-lasting with high wearability. Making them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Another benefit is their versatility. Hoodies can be worn any season, making them great to give out year-round. They can be worn over a shirt or under a jacket and can be made of lightweight cotton for warmer Aussie climates and heavy-weight fleeces for a cold Melbourne Morning!

Hoodies are a great way to connect with customers. By giving them a hoodie with your brand or design on it, you’re making a personal connection with them.

Ultimately, the hoodie is an ever-evolving trend that will be around for a while. The hoodie is the hottest promotional piece to invest in this year. Highly effective, rising in popularity and versatile in style, design and branding. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, hoodies are a great way to get your message across in a fun, wearable and on-trend way.

How to Get Started

With so many styles, colours and designs available making a custom product has never been so easy! Our team love to get creative, and help make merch that has big impact! Choose a hoodie from our selection, select your preferred colour and send us your logo or design! We create visual mock-ups so you can see your design before it is printed or embroidered.




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