Choosing the right promotional product for your marketing campaign can take time and effort. There are many benefits to using promotional products, from long-term advertising to higher brand engagement, positive workplaces and higher staff retention.

A common mistake many marketers make is using products that are not high-use and therefore do not have high visibility when promoting your brand.

One of the most important things when choosing an item for a group of people is that they will use and enjoy it. Whether staff at the office, school students, guests at a conference or potential customers gathering freebies at an expo, it isn’t easy to find something everyone will use and – like!

Pens, notebooks, drink bottles and coffee cups are trendy because they are highly used and have countless styles available. This is why using branded coffee cups and promotional mugs to promote your brand and business is extremely effective. Everyone loves coffee, and a coffee cup is an item used time and time again!

Here are five reasons why promotional mugs are a must-have for your next promotion!

High impressions

A branded coffee cup makes a massive amount of impressions. An impression is created each time a product or advertisement is seen, and a coffee cup is one of the most commonly used promo items.

Used in the workplace, at cafes, while walking the streets browsing storefronts and while at home – your branded mug can be seen countless times daily. Research shows that another huge benefit of using branded mugs is customer brand recall, with 85% of people finding they can remember the brand name and details better from seeing it on a coffee mug or cup!

Encourage Re-usability and Eco-friendly Habits.

We are living in a time where organizations can no longer be inactive regarding the environment and care of our planet. Using reusable coffee cups helps remove waste from our landfill by replacing the need for disposable, single-use cups.

Encouraging your team members, colleagues and customers to use a reusable coffee cup or mug while at work, at their local café, or commute helps create positive change.

Aligning your brand with environmentally friendly behaviour is a win-win for your brand and the environment!

Affordable AND trendy

And it’s not just affordability that makes this item attractive. Coffee cups are also trending as a product that shows your eco-credentials and personality! The combination of solid impressions, low cost and popularity is a marketeer’s dream.

Buy in bulk to save even more, and plan for your year ahead, knowing that coffee cups won’t break the budget.

People Love coffee = Engagement Opportunities.

Probably the most notable reason your organization needs to use promotional coffee cups is that – simply –

people love coffee. In Australia, reusable coffee cups rose in use, up 292% from 2018 to 2019 alone.

Australia is a huge consumer of coffee and tea, and mugs are essential in every household. Due to coffee’s popularity and unwavering consistency in individuals’ daily routines – giving custom mugs equals repeated engagement opportunities.

You can get creative!

The fun part of using reusable coffee cups is the decoration opportunities! Mugs offer unique options in their handles, sizes, heat bands, lids, colours, styles, print types and textures!

Custom printed mugs also allow for a great branding space and opportunities to do full-colour and wrap prints.

While having your logo on a mug is sure to create tremendous impact, including something creative like symbols, images, taglines, or slogans creates more opportunity for engagement!


A custom-printed coffee cup offers a fantastic opportunity to have fun branding your product and showcasing your business.


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