We expect 2018 to be an exciting year for all things new in promotional products. Some of the best promotional products from 2017, like our selection of kitchen promo items, will be as popular as ever. We also sourced some cool new promotional items in the our range of promo bottle openers.

Below are some of the cool promotional items and BIG ideas set to take off in 2018. Some are new products, other ideas are new and interesting ways to package your favourite promo items.


Sock it to me.

Travel or event planner? Organising a fundraiser? School or sporting club? A great promo item is one that is useful, which makes this one of the best around. Get your brand on peoples feet.
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Let’s hang around.

A really cost effective way to give your promotion a real retail feel is to add a custom designed hang tag to your item. With a little bit of creativity, almost any item can have a tag added to it.
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Boxing Day is every day.

Sure, those hang tags are awesome, but what you really want is a fully customised gift pack for your item to go in. Our branded pen sleeves are an easy way to add value to the trusty pen.  Plus you get more branding area!
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Bundle up those combos.

Sometimes one item just isn’t enough to get across how awesome your brand is. Combine a number of items in to your very own bespoke gift pack. Tie them together with ribbon branded with your logo for that finishing touch.
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Be playful with your branding.

The more fun your promo items are, the longer people will keep and use them. Think about images of your branded merchandise being shared all over social media.
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Happy to help.

But how can you do these ideas for your brand? That’s where we come in. We want everyone to be able to add all this awesome value and fun to your merchandise.

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll start creating.

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