For almost two decades I’ve been involved in the promotional products industry and while there have been many new and exciting developments, one thing has remained constant: promo items are one of the most underrated and underutilised ways to promote your brand, by big brands and small brands alike.

Maybe that’s why I love them, being such an underrated part of marketing makes them so powerful. What better way to stand out from your competition than to do something they have probably overlooked! Or they are not using in the best possible way.

The main reason I love them, they work. Think of your own experiences and how annoying it is to be watching your favourite TV show only for it to be interrupted by an ad. Are we meant to reward that brand by purchasing their product? Sure every so often there is an ad that breaks big (not happy Jan) but just as the Yellow Pages featured in that ad have been consigned to the recycle bin, so too are TV, radio and newspaper ads, the cornerstone of so many marketing campaigns of the past are approaching their use by dates.

What’s this got to do with promotional products? The very first record of a promotional product is way back in 1789. 117 years before the first radio broadcast, a massive 139 before the first TV ad and even longer before anyone ever clicked on a pop-up ad. Despite being around for over 200 years, more money was spent on promotional products this decade than the last. In a world where everyone is writing obituaries for the death of traditional advertising, the most traditional of all advertising is not only alive, it’s thriving.

One of the best things about promotional products and branded merchandise, they are easy and accessible to everyone. No need for a big ad spend or expensive marketing team, your business name and phone number on a pen with your logo will be kept by 56% of people for over a year! A branded drink bottle, with your logo and services, will mean your business will be remembered by over 76% of people.

For a small business wanting to show their customers, they care, through to large national campaigns, promotional products can give you great value for your spend, with no stress and great positive association for your brand.

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