Back to Basics

Each year seems to bring the next big fad or flashy idea, 2019 will be a return to what’s comfortable and familiar. When ad sales moved from radio to TV, people were still giving away branded pens. When everyone thought the internet would dominate all ad sales, promotional hats became more popular!

  • Branded PensYes, that’s right, pens! It’s easy to forget that 89% of consumers own a promotional pen, which they keep on average for 9 months!
  • Promotional CapsA well designed baseball cap is a walking billboard, which helps your logo be seen over 3,000 times!

Reduce, Reuse, Refill

Nearly 12 months later and the #WarOnWaste shows no signs of slowing down. And bringing your own bag and cup, now saves you money at the supermarket and your favourite cafe. A great positive association for your brand!

  • Custom Coffee CupsWe all love a caffeine boost in the morning. Get your brand to help your staff and clients save money on their next cup!
  • Custom Tote Bags. On average branded tote bags are kept for 11 months and with a large print area, are a great way for your brand to be seen!

Less is More

A focus on quality rather than quantity is the new norm in branded merchandise. On your next promotional, think about your audience, instead of giving everyone a low cost item, focus on those you relationships you cherish, and give those people a higher value, longer lasting gift.

  • Branded BackpacksThinking of doing a tote bag? Why not upgrade to a backpack for those extra special people in your life? Retail inspired styles are now even more affordable than ever.
  • Swiss Made. Instead of racing to the bottom for the cheapest metal pen you can find, why not spend the same amount on a quality, Swiss designed and made plastic pen.

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