Onboarding gift packs are essential in 2022, and it is a fantastic way to welcome new employees and make them feel included and excited about their new role! First impressions matter and a swag pack of quality branded merchandise is the best way to make your first impression count. 

While there are many swag kits and new employee gift pack options, many can be generic. If you want to blow your employees away this year with your onboarding gift packs, build your own! Keep reading for the best ideas of what to include!

Something Useful

We know it sounds boring, but we promise you it doesn’t have to be! When you think of “something useful”, it is good to think of an item that will get a lot of use, look great on a desk and show off your branding like a pro! A sleek stainless steel water bottle is an excellent useful item that exudes quality and timelessness. Another day to day item is the glorious coffee cup. You can not go past a coffee cup in the workplace. And if you’re a tea drinker, we won’t judge because our Cork-Based Coffee cup can be used for either! 

Something Unique

This is your opportunity to show the personality and culture of your workplace. If you work in the creative industries, opt for something funky like a brain teaser. If you have Friday afternoon drinks, a sleek flask like our Hemingway Flask is a cool gift that suggests you kick back…when appropriate!

Something Industry Specific

We build custom onboarding gift packs so the options can be endless depending on your industry. A custom keyring in a particular shape is a great way to have a themed gift pack. Our hard hat keyring is an excellent option if you work in construction or a house keyring if you work in real estate. If you work in Tech, a tech-specific gift like our timber power bank makes a great add-on and is something your new employee can use daily.

Something Yum!

What is a new employee welcome kit without something delicious to snack on? A jelly bean dispenser or an M&m dispenser not only tastes good but looks great on a desk. Branded Toblerone’s are also great snacks to add to your employee welcome kit.


Something to Wear

The final thing to round out your new employee onboarding pack is branded merchandise in the form of tees, caps and totes! It is a great way to get your logo and brand out there in a wearable and stylish way. Adding apparel to your onboarding gift pack is a fantastic way to say, “Welcome!” and make the new employee feel like one of the crew! We love our recycled cotton caps, which make for an incredibly wearable piece of branded merchandise, as well as our classic calico tote bags (you can never have enough!)


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