New Employee Welcome kits are a way to ensure that you don’t miss the important stuff amongst the excitement, business and effort involved in the hiring process! A new employee welcome kit is one place to put all the bits that help get your onboarding process up and running in the right direction.

Research shows that successful onboarding, through socialising new employees, showcasing company culture, effective learning resources and general appreciation, can help improve retention and productivity by over 70% (Laurana, 2015)

So, how does a New Employee Welcome Kit help a new hire’s success?

Socialising New Employees:  A welcome kit that includes apparel can increase your new hires’ sense of belonging! Much like a uniform, trendy branded merch is a more creative way to show unity and inclusion, without the lunchtime detention if you choose not to wear it! Branded apparel is also a fun way to get creative with your New employee welcome kits, have a slogan or a team name in the office? You can have fun when designing what to print on your caps, tees or hoodies!

The New Employee Drip Kit is a great pack where apparel takes center stage! This pack is a favourite amongst creative and tech industries, and workplaces with relaxed dress codes!

Another great promotional item for socialising new employees is a coffee cup, yep sounds simple, but the classic coffee cup is an icebreaker made out of vacuum-insulated metal! Give your staff the opportunity to make a tea or coffee with previously inducted employees, and let the magic of a coffee and a conversation do some of your work!

New Employee Drip Kit
The New Employee Drip Kit includes a custom branded box packed with a super soft hoodie, tee shirt, coffee mug, sticker sheet and jelly beans.

Show Company Culture: What words would describe your company culture? Is it progressive? Nurturing? Creative? Positive? There are so many ways to define how you do what you do! An employee welcome kit can help make that first impression and showcase your company culture. Giving a welcome kit already shows you value training, inclusion and appreciation – so that is a great start!

If your workplace has any extra-curricular involvements (e.g. workplace sports ), this is a great way to showcase your company culture! Include something specific to the activity to foster inclusion as well as encourage the new employees’ involvement.

Effective Learning Resources: Including an employee handbook, culture card and any other information in your employee welcome kit are essential! Company standards, expectations, policies and procedures are all the norm to include in a handbook – but make sure you don’t make it all about the serious stuff! Showcase your workplace’s values, culture and the fun or unique things that make your workplace appealing to a new staff member! Including a notebook and pen will also help your new staff members jot down any information they receive or questions they may have over their onboarding process! 

General Appreciation: Incorporating employee packs into your onboarding process cultivates a culture of appreciation! This is essential for any workplace, big or small. Staff members who feel valued will likely have higher productivity and garner positive feelings toward their workplace. Including quality items in their onboarding pack can help show this appreciation. The Welcome Aboard Gift Pack is an excellent example of a kit with impact! This pack includes a Moleskin branded notebook to a 3-in-1 Wireless charger, it is full of fantastic merch that will have your new staff member glad they signed that contract!  

Don’t stop at day one; show appreciation verbally, at team meetings and through mentoring to ensure your team feels appreciated and to keep company communication open. 

The Welcome Aboard Gift pack includes a drink bottle, coffee tumbler, Moleskin notebook, 3-in-1 wireless charger, metal pen, hand sanitiser, lip balm and a trendy calico tote.

More than just a gift box…

Staff Welcome Kits showcase your branding on high-use products, and they set up your new staff member with items they need in their employment. They help foster a sense of belonging, make a great first impression and promote productivity, positivity and excitement around a new role!

Taking some of the pressure of onboarding by utilising a new employee gift pack helps in making the process seamless and stress-free. Let a new employee welcome kit set your new hire up for success!