New employee Welcome Kits have increased positive workplace culture and long-term retention. Sounds too good to be true! With 20+ years in the gift and promotions industry, we have seen many trends in employee gifting in Australia.

Employee and Employer culture has changed drastically in Australia. Every year there is more change and diversity in our workplaces, and with COVID here to stay, there has been a massive shift in workplace culture and Employee conditions across Australia and the world. 

Each year there are more women in the workplace, more First Nations people, culturally diverse people, more members of the LGBTQIA+ community and persons with a disability and/or part of the deaf/Deaf community.

Celebrating Your Staff

While there is always room for improvement, it has been amazing to witness significant change amongst workers and their rights. 

A hugely exciting change has been the desire to reward, congratulate and celebrate your staff! With the drudgery of lockdowns came discussions of mental health, diversity and work/life balance. 

COVID and Care Kits 

When COVID first boomed in Australia, we saw a massive peak in care-pack giving to employees. These Working from Home Packs were a fantastic way to cheer up employees stuck at home in lockdown. The reactions were shown across Instagram and Twitter, with staff members unboxing chocolates and bath salts, coffee mugs and personalised notebooks, or fun games and caps to wear on zoom Friday afternoon drinks. 

Employee Welcome Kits work the same magic, so we started developing great ones for your Employees! 

Onboarding gift packs have increased retention and overall positivity in the workplace. It has also been shown to create better working relationships and better company culture! 

Showing your care, commitment, and general appreciation from the get-go, is a highly effective tool for successful employee support and training.

It was an exciting time in the promotional industry to work with companies to bring joy and connection to their staff members. 

In 2022, Employee Welcome Kits have increased in popularity and demand. The great resignation has bought upon us changes in the hiring market. New employees want to be valued, have a work-life balance and work within an incredible company culture.

Workplaces are providing promotional onboarding kits for employees to help with their onboarding and retention and aligning the packs with onboarding and training events. And they are having an immense impact!

What is essential in an Employee Welcome Kit?

Practicality, personality, interests and ethics play a part in a good employee onboarding pack. People want to be witnessed as individuals with unique needs, so generic gifting has no place in the branded merchandise market.

Knowing what to give your new employee when they start can be overwhelming. First, a few questions: Does it represent you and your business? Does it show the personality of the workplace? What does it say about workplace ethos? What does it say about your approach to work-life balance?

Our Employee Welcome Kits Range has an amazing range of options to browse.

Loves efficiency, fast-paced communication, the latest tech and an early start?

For the tech-savvy! Tech items are bound to make your day easier. From Blue tooth speakers and earphones to wireless chargers and cord tacos (not for eating), a welcome kit with tech will quickly launch your new employee into the workplace!

Check out the Eco Innovator, with trendy tech for everyone!

Value the working from home life and the comfort of your slippers as you take client calls?

Build a pack with a hoodie, a candle, stationary, stickers, a thermos and a journal notebook! We love employee gift packs for the WFH legend; the guy you know is in his slippers all day and onto his 4th coffee!

Eco-conscious? ( You should be!) Show your value for our planet, and highlight your company values with an Eco Employee Gift Pack!

This is a great pack to show that you value being environmentally conscious and care about your eco-impact! This pack is fantastic for the employee and sure to make you – the boss – look great!

Check out our Eco Gift Pack, it’s our best selling Employee welcome kit!

The Stationary Addict

Beware of this employee! They will always have the most envious desk, with colour-coded notebooks and sticky notes, classy matching pens and sleek mouse mats. They are probably the employee who spends more time perfecting how their to-do list looks rather than doing it, but hey – we don’t judge!

Beef up your Employee Welcome Kits with the best stationery, and have their desk the envy of the office!

The Faux Fitness Instructor

This guy can be a drag, but hey, he needs a pack too! A branded skipping rope, pedometer and sports drink bottle are all super handy but also say you value the health of your employees. 

And finally, the best part is – if you want a little bit of each, because employees are all different, we do fully customisable employee onboarding packs at Laneway Promos. So build your own with one of our sales teams and nail your onboarding in 2022!

Contact us today to discuss your ideas! 

Making Gifting Easy,

The Laneway Team


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