Custom Bottles are the Trendiest Accessory for your Brand

Custom bottles are the coolest promo item on the market. The water bottle has gone through a massive rebrand in the last decade, positioning itself as the ‘IT’ accessory everyone wants

Custom bottles are one of the most popular promotional products requested, and as a high-use item, they are lugged about with their owners daily. With the rise of reusable drink bottles, the options on colour, style, material, and shape grew, and with that, the opportunity to accessorise with your custom bottles came to be.

Custom Bottles and Celebrity Influence

Drink bottles have often popped up in pop culture. A great example is the iconic FIJI water bottle. The FIJI water bottle established itself as an early 2000’s icon and was the embodiment of having it ‘together’. FIJI drink bottles were seen on red carpets, in celeb interviews, and littered social media feeds.

As a 13-year-old, I would secretly refill my FIJI water bottle at the school bubblers, keeping the facade alive that I was, in fact, drinking fresh Fijian water every day. Eventually, as happens with a plastic drink bottle – the label tore off, the bottle dented and discoloured, and another Fiji bottle would be bought, ready to show off. 

The VOSS drink bottle is another icon. This glass bottle is sold at supermarkets and stands out amongst its plastic, single-use counterparts. The VOSS became an icon with influencers, health gurus, and celebs. The bottle would appear on Instagram feeds, filled with freshly cut fruit and sparkling water, propped casually next to a model tanning at the beach.

While single-use drink bottles still have a hold on the market, celebrity trends and endorsements have shifted toward reusable, custom bottles. And a papped image of a model leaving the gym with a giant 3L water bottle (hair perfectly in place and seemingly sweat-free) had the power to sell out water bottle brands overnight. 

How Environmentalism Changed Custom Bottles

As the importance of environmentalism rose in prominence and being eco-conscious became a reflection of morality to some, the cool drink bottle accessory shifted to be a symbol of eco-consciousness. People began to apply pressure on businesses, corporations, and people of influence alike – to be more mindful of our waste production and impact on the earth.

This shift also affected the promotional industry, with many suppliers being challenged to create more eco-friendly items, utilising recycled materials and farm waste such as wheat and rice fibres.

This has been a wonderful thing for brands to identify with, with many brands prioritising bamboo custom bottles or recycled PET and wheat fibre over cheap, plastic promotional items.

How Custom Bottles Increase Brand Exposure

The options to customise a drink bottle have become endless! Now, everyone has the chance to have their own personal accessory. Due to this, brands have jumped on the opportunity to use trendy bottles and customise them for brand awareness and the high visibility that comes from a daily-use item.

Brands can align their style, values, and industry needs to create a custom bottle for their staff, clients, and the public. In doing so, brands create great advertisements and engagement opportunities.

A glass bottle with a bamboo lid and bright outer – stands out on a designer’s desk, paying homage to the Voss drink bottle. Soft pastel colours, rubberised outers and seamless designs are all the rage within the creative industries – and make a memorable marketing moment! 

A stainless steel bottle with a screw lid, stainless steel handle and double wall insulation is a luxury item carried by young professionals alike. Laser engraved with bold lettering or printed vertically in glossy print, the stainless steel bottle is a favourite amongst law, consulting, and architectural firms.


Why Custom Bottles are a Win-Win for you, your Brand, and the Environment!

Reusable, branded drink bottles have a massive marketing impact, being used daily – and seen everywhere from workplaces, homes, schools and events – as well as in popular culture, movies and social media. 

The ‘common household item’ to ‘IT accessory’ pipeline is nothing new; we have seen it with the keep cup and the ironic boat tote.

The custom bottle gives your brand an excellent opportunity to align with environmentally beneficial behaviours, utilise the publicity of popular trends, and increase opportunities for brand engagement. 

If you want to start using promotional items to connect with your audience, promote your brand and make an impact – but need to know where to start – start with a custom bottle.