One of the keys to a business’s marketing mix success is the effective use of marketing giveaways to promote your business. The aim of a free giveaway is to gain exposure, whilst building trust and awareness in your business brand. Businesses should be aware that one of the best promotional giveaways that you can use with your clients are promotional coolers.

Laneway Promos offers a wide range of cooler products that can be used as part of a promotional giveaway for your customers. All of our coolers can be easily and affordably customised to assist you in achieving your marketing goals with your giveaway event. You can check the range here at Promotional Coolers.

Why Coolers Make A Great Giveaway

Coolers make a fantastic giveaway product for your clients because they have a number of important benefits for you and your clients. These include:

They are useful.

One of the most important reasons to use coolers as part of your free giveaway is that they are actually useful for your clients. We are all aware that in Australia, much of our lifestyle revolves around socialising and meeting with friends and families at outdoor locations. Many of these activities include when you are away on holidays, going to the beach, or park or heading to a picnic or a friend’s house for a BBQ.

These activities require carrying food and drinks to enjoy the event or situation – after all, what is a Sunday afternoon BBQ without the snags and ice-cold beer (or lemonade!)? So as we head into the warmer months, you can be reassured that cooler bags are a great resource that will be used by your clients day in and out throughout this upcoming summer season.

They have numerous uses.

Apart from using cooler bags to keep food/drinks fresh and chilled at outdoor and indoor gatherings, they also can have multiple other uses. All of these uses can broaden your brand logo exposure and generate awareness and new customers.

Many people will take them to work or use them for their children to take to school to store their packed lunch. Some, like our Back Packs, will be used to go to the gym or just going for walk in the great Australian outdoors. Through the sheer range of activities, the number of potential customers who will see your branded logo and message and make enquires to your business increases.

They are durable.

The best promotional giveaways that your business can utilise are the ones that have a long useable life. The materials and construction of coolers nowadays are of the very highest standards.

There is nothing worse for a business to have a free giveaway that will only last a short period of time or worse end up in the bin. Given the number of uses and the quality of the coolers, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will stand the test of time and achieve your objectives.

They are cost-effective.

One of the biggest decisions any business face is to ensure that their promotional giveaways give the best value for money. All businesses know that every dollar spent on marketing needs to generate the best return possible.

Given the durability, the number of uses and the long life span of traditional cooler bags and boxes, you can be assured that the cost to your business will provide the longevity, value and outcome that you are seeking from your investment.

You can select the best option to meet your objectives.

With so many designs and options available to choose from you can be assured you will find and design the perfect marketing giveaway for your business. You can also have your promotional cooler printed with your company logo, slogan or any other wording that you seek.

Some of the custom cooler options that your business can choose from include:

  • Picnic Snack Packs;
  • Wicker Baskets;
  • Cooler Bags;
  • Wine and Cheese Bags;
  • Sling Bags;
  • Backpacks;
  • Beach Totes;
  • Stool Cooler Bags;
  • Drink Ice Boxes and
  • Many other options.

With such a broad range of cooler bag options available, you can be assured that your business will be able to select and design the right giveaway that aligns with your business objectives.

To learn more about our cooler range and how coolers can be used to support your business’s marketing strategy, visit or reach our friendly and knowledgeable team on 1300 113 799 or

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