On your next promotional, think about your audience, instead of giving everyone a low cost item, focus on key relationships, and give a higher value, longer lasting gift. Below are some great high value items on popular products.

Upgrade Your Tote

There is more to tote bags than non-woven and calico. For times when you really want to stand out in the sea of tote bags, we’ve got a great range of fashion forward bags for your brand. Yubari Canvas Tote Bag – Heavy duty cotton canvas with internal zipper pocket available in 8 vibrant colours. Pepino Felt Tote Bag – Fashion forward tote bag made from trendy poly-felt with extra capacity gusset base.

Retail Brands

Upgrade your next branded tee by selecting from our range of AS Colour tees. Retail quality at corporate prices is great for your brand! AS Colour Staple Tee – Large range of colours, quality 100% cotton tee. Order as little as 10 tees with your logo! AS Colour Mali Tee – Classic ladies tee available in great range of colours. Lightweight 100% cotton.

Swiss Made

Instead of racing to the bottom for the cheapest metal pen you can find, why not spend the same amount on a quality, Swiss designed and made plastic pen. Swiss Chalk Pen – Sleek Swiss design with one piece colour body and contrast white clip. Push button action. Swiss Toro Pen – Swiss designed 3 sided shape with one piece colour body and contrast white clip. Push button action. Want some more ideas? Get our catalogue