If you are in charge of your companies corporate Christmas gifts this year, the time to start thinking about it is now. This year more than ever it’s important to tick this task off your list sooner rather than later. Before putting off choosing your gifts, read over these 3 reasons why we think locking in your gifts in November will create unnecessary stress for you.

  1. We received the below email from Australia Post this week, advising they were suspending collections of parcel posts for 3 days to allow them to catch up on the backlog. While we don’t expect them to do something similar in December (could you imagine), it is a sure sign there is only so much capacity in the network for deliveries. Especially if you need to organise corporate gifts to be home delivered.
  2. Delays in international shipping are becoming a real concern. This article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Or this one from news.com.au do a great job of explaining the deeper issue. This means stock that is scheduled to arrive in October, may not arrive until November sometime or even mid December. Late stock arriving in to the country gives Australia Post, TNT and other carriers less time to deliver the corporate gift packs or your other client corporate gifts.
  3. With lockdowns extending and no clarity on what gatherings will be, we expect the demand for corporate gifts to be even higher than last year as companies transition from Christmas parties to gifts. Last year we had a number of corporate Christmas gifts that had sold out by the end of September

Last year we had many large companies come to us late in the game, thinking it was as easy as slapping a logo on a cheeseboard and sending them out the next day. If you have large numbers of staff or clients you need to gift, and you want everyone to have the same item, starting your planning now will save lots of stress later in the year.

As always, our team is here to help you plan ahead and order early so that when December rolls around you can relax and enjoy the memes, while everyone else is choosing between a hamper with cheap wine and stale biscuits, or a mis-matched set of wine glasses.

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Let us help make your life easier by making sure these great products are part of your company’s holiday plan! Pr-order now to secure yours, and have your clients raving about how great your taste is! Give us a call anytime on 1300 113 799, or email us at sales@lanewaypromos.com.au

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