It’s not too late to get a head start on your client Christmas gift giving! This year, we’re seeing some really creative and thoughtful gifts that are sure to wow your clients. It can be hard to decide which one is best with so many great options in the promotions industry. A foolproof way to know you’re smashing it in the gift department is to check out the products that got snapped up last year.
We are finding ourselves in a similar climate to this time last year. Lockdowns are happening all around Australia, and everyone is yearning for a break.
With the holiday season fast approaching and lockdowns making it hard to remember what day it is – we are here to let you know that yes! It is time to organise your client gifts!!
By the end of September in 2020, there were 6 gifts that had sold out. Highlighting the importance of preordering for the holiday season! I’ll let you in on the best sellers – and better yet, I’ll tell you why!


Firstly, we had the Wicker Basket with a built-in Cheeseboard lid.

I mean that image speaks for itself. This item is one of our luxury client gifts, handcrafted wicker makes the perfect companion for all your picnics and parties. Handwoven with care, this marvellous outdoor accessory features a trendy-looking timber lid that doubles as a board, so your food doesn’t go flying off in the process of eating it. An insulated cooler section is inside, perfect for carefully holding all your cold drinks and delicious cheeses.

Take it the extra step and make it a gift pack (we do the kitting) with a bottle of champagne, some snacks and our stainless steel wine glasses…and your clients will love you.


Secondly, Antarctica – our most popular cooler bag, sold out in almost every colour.

This trendy cooler bag holds all your food and drinks, and as the name suggests – keeps them ICY cold for hours. It is perfect for a client who has an adventurous streak! Whether they are picnic people, campers, or just going to have some beers at the game, this is a corporate client Christmas gift that will be used time and time again.

The third on this epic client gifts list is the Baw Baw Picnic Blanket

It is the perfect picnic partner to protect against all those natural elements. Not only is it waterproof and easy to fold, but it’s cute enough to be your picnic date. With a classic check print and a carry handle, you will be picnic ready and arriving in style – in no time!

The fourth gift on our wish list is the Cheese and Wine Table – ooh la la la!

Your clients, (and their guests!), will enjoy their vino and smorgasbord with reckless abandon with this Cheese and Wine table! Impress this Christmas by gifting one of our most luxurious pieces. But if you want it, pre-order now. This bad boy is already selling out!


Lastly (but not leastly … yep we know that isn’t a word!) our gorgeous and durable stainless steel stemless glasses.

Unbreakable and elegant these wine glasses are as essential to any celebration as the delicious wine inside of them. Grab a set of these stemless wine glasses for your clients and relax in knowing they won’t be sweeping up broken glass at the end of their night! Made of solid and sleek stainless steel, they are the ideal addition to any table setting.

Let us help make your life easier by making sure these great products are part of your company’s holiday plan! Pr-order now to secure yours, and have your clients raving about how great your taste is! Give us a call anytime on 1300 113 799, or email us at