A fresh notebook lays on your desk with the promise of grand ideas and musings. 

Nothing can replace the feeling of opening up a fresh notebook, the smell of new pages, and the crisp sound they make when you flick through them. And while advancements in technology have introduced smart-notebooks and apps for jotting down ideas – the purists know that nothing invites creativity quite like a blank page in a new notebook. 

There are many benefits to choosing branded notebooks as a promotional item for your business. Here are 8.

  1. High use:

    Most people use notebooks, walk into any home, office or business, and you are sure to spot several notebooks. With so much potential within the pages – a notebook is used often, and the different ways you can use them are endless. 

  2. Cost-effective:

    Unlike some other promotional products, notebooks are an affordable option that won’t break the bank. Marketing budgets can be tight, so choosing a cost-effective and high-impact product like a notebook is a great way to make your dollar go even further.

  3. Easy to customise:

    There are a few restrictions regarding branding and customising your notebook! A large and flat banding area means all print types are possible – with full-colour prints, screen prints, gloss, emboss, deboss and engraving all possible. Use your logo or design, choose your colours, and even customise the inner pages. Notebooks provide a fantastic opportunity to make your product truly yours and create or reinforce your brand identity!

  4. Wide range of options:

    Notebooks come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. This allows you to choose a product that best suits the needs of your target audience. Go for classic PU leather, a stylish felt cover or even an eco-friendly cork or bamboo!

  5. Long lasting:

    Notebooks have a long shelf-life, meaning that they will be in use for a long time, keeping your brand in front of your target audience for longer.  

  6. Portable:

    Lightweight and compact, notebooks are easy to take from place to place. Easily carried or slipped into the slimmest of bags – notebooks are taken from home to office to coffee shop – exposing your brand to a broader audience. 

  7. Environmentally friendly:

    Many notebooks are now made from recycled or sustainable materials. When selecting notebooks, we recommend opting for an rPET, recycled leather, recycled cotton or even an apple skin (or Apple Leather) option! Choosing a certified eco-friendly product is always beneficial for your brand. Each year, more creative ways exist to recycle and reuse products and materials, so keep an eye out and let your brand be known for its commitment to our planets health.

  8. Versatile:

    There are no rules around what you can use a notebook for. Jotting down notes, creating sketches, crafting a To-Do list or even making a paper aeroplane… there is a wide range of purposes for a notebook. This makes it an exceptional marketing tool across various industries, including creative, educational and tech sectors. 

 A well-designed, quality notebook can create a lasting impression on your target audience and is something that will be kept, and used for years making it an effective marketing tool that drives brand awareness and loyalty. 



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