With Christmas heading our way at full speed, it is time to start thinking of how to say ‘thank you’ to our clients who make our work worthwhile.

Our clients are why we business owners do what we do. Building solid relationships set the foundation for success in business and life. A considerable part of building effective relationships is showing appreciation for the person. A thank you, a warm phone call checking in when times are tough, or a gift can be ways we offer our thanks.

Giving great corporate Christmas gifts can be challenging. It can often present the risk of being impersonal, an afterthought or rushed. 

Not everyone drinks alcohol, and not everyone is a sweet tooth, so gifts that may work for your staff who you see daily may not be appropriate for a client. But there are three fool-proof steps to follow to ensure you gift the best Christmas gift to your clients.

  1. If you would not want it, don’t gift it!

That means, spend some money on it! Make sure it is something modern and usable. Would you like a cheap plastic tote bag with a flyer and mints inside that you might receive at an exhibition? Or would a well-weighted metal pen and Moleskine A5 Leather Notebook be more attractive? 

       2.Quality, quality, quality

We all know the saying “quality over quantity”. But it can be tempting to load someone up with lots of knick-knacks and goodies around the Christmas period. That type of gift-giving may be excellent for an office party where Christmas crackers litter tables, but it is not ideal for a client. Choosing a gift that shows you have invested consideration and money into it, and it holds some value – shows you value them. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank either! A quality metal pen is $7.25 branded with a sleek laser engrave and is the epitome of a classic, luxury promotional item.

      3.Does it reflect your brand authentically? Does it reflect your relationship authentically?

It’s always important to reflect your brand, your ethos and your style when gifting clients gifts.

The gift will carry your branding on it and remind you of the great relationship you have built with them. Therefore the product you choose should reflect who you are also. If the environment and environmentalism are at the forefront of your brand, consider using natural or recycled materials. Materials such as bamboo, acacia wood and wheat fibre add a unique touch. Our acacia wood cheeseboard makes an incredible gift that lasts and will be used time and time again. If your brand is in the creative sector, consider products with colour, embroidery, clean lines and unique designs. Our trendy felt cooler bag combines modern materials and minimal chicness. Or our sleek, glass wine decanter with a gentle organic shape. If your brand is industrial and hands-on – reflect this with practical, quality everyday products. A deluxe, stainless steel BBQ set, for example, or a well crafted vintage icebox with a chrome trim are fantastic options.

As always, we are here to help. If you want to give impactful Christmas gifts to your clients this year call us anytime on 1300 113 799 and chat with us directly or email us at sales@lanewaypromos.com.au.

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