2021 has been an unpredictable year and for the organisational whizz, the party planner and the calendar lover – this makes big events more stressful than they should be! So many staff have worked from home since March 2020. A friend told me recently that she has packed and unpacked her office 14 times since then. As I write this, I am working from home again, missing the chatter of people and the dogs who frequent our office space.

With the party period arriving shortly, how can we ensure our staff get all of the pizzazz and joy that the holidays offer – regardless of where they are? Bringing the silliness of office parties, presents and cheer into someones home instead of to the office? It will take some creativity! So put on a santa hat and get into the spirit, for the holiday season is upon us, and a special Christmas for your staff is happening – no matter what!

Party favours

Party favours are the ideal add-on. Try and avoid this being your only gift, however, and instead think of them as the fun extras that make someone smile. One of our favourite party favours is our ugly Christmas range. Our Ugly Christmas stubby with your logo on it and a classic grandpa sweater design – is a funny, insta-worthy gift that pairs well with a cold Christmas party beer! Another great party favour is a bottle opener, preferably one with a memorable design! We also do custom bottle openers of any shape or design – so talk to us today if you want to go all out! Lastly, let’s not forget sweets. Themed Christmas coloured jelly beans, or classic candy canes are the perfect stocking filler. Or load them up with chocolates – or a fancier Toblerone and Lindt balls. We can brand almost anything so let us know your staff’s favourites!



Food and Wine

It’s not the holidays unless you are going up a pant size by January. Gifting alcohol and food is always well appreciated, but try and flesh it out more this year. By gifting the edibles along with something that will last longer than 10 minutes! If you’re going to have your branding on something – we try and avoid it ending up in the bin along with the debris of a good party.

Our Bellagio wine box comes with four wine accessories, add your favourite bottle of wine and you have an impactful gift that will be enjoyed in a glass and also kept and used for years to come. Cheeseboards are the epitome of a fantastic and useable Christmas gift for staff. We have cheeseboards for every budget. Our compact board and knife set is engraved from $17.79 and made from recycled materials. Or go for a stylish slide cheeseboard and knife set, with tempered glass and acacia wood and engraved from $32.36. Add artisanal chocolates, crackers or something from your local fromagerie and you have a hamper style gift that ticks all the boxes.

If the idea of building a personalised hamper style gift is overwhelming – we can help.

From selecting the food and wine, to packing and posting. We take care of the details so you don’t have to.




Get your staff involved, motivated and excited by supplying some holiday cheer straight to their door. This is a great opportunity to put the silly in the silly season. Sometimes a gesture in the form of a gimmick is the best way to get someone to crack a smile. The classic but ‘never gets old’ Santa Hat is a great way to insert some fun. Get everyone to wear theirs on a zoom meeting if you host an after work online drinks!

Ahhh…nothing makes Christmas, CHRISTMAS – without the smells of good food, baked sweets, whiskey or a real Christmas tree. Seriously – make that your goal this year – get a real tree! If your staff are working remotely and missing the vibes of an office space, workmates and the buzz of the holiday season that stirs amongst any office come November, help set the scene with scent! Our gorgeous vanilla scented soy candle or our reed diffuser make great small gifts.

No matter what comes our way this holiday. We will help you make it a special one for your staff working remotely. From sourcing products to branding, packing and posting – we take care of the details, so you don’t have to. Call us anytime on 1300 113 799 and chat with us directly or email us at sales@lanewaypromos.com.au.


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