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What Makes an Effective Promotional Product?

Here are some quick tips to help you plan your next bit of branded merchandise. We’ve put together some tips based on trends and research we have seen with successful promo items. Of course we are always here to ensure you get the best merchandise for your brand, feel free to call anytime on 1300 113 799 to discuss your next promotion.

Clear Branding

87% of millennials look up a brand
after receiving a promo product

If people love how the item looks, they’ll keep it giving your brand constant exposure. Leave the phone number and address for your Yellow Pages ad copy, and make you logo really jump off the merchandise.

Solve a Problem

76% of users keep their promotional
product because it is useful

We all hate it when we can’t find a pen, which is why it’s such a fantastic promotional item. Think of other creative ways to make you branded merchandise useful. Backpacks for travelers. Drink Bottles for athletes.

Enforce Brand Relevance

85% of people do business with a brand
after receiving a promotional product

It’s a great idea for your local pizza store to give away refrigerator magnets, but a terrible idea for the local luxury car dealer to give away cheap, poorly made tees. Choose a product that best reflects the rest of your brand messaging.

Our Most Effective Promotional Products

From: $2.11

Price includes your logo printed in 1 colour to front of bag

From: $6.95

Price includes embroidery of your logo to front of cap

From: $6.93

Price includes your logo printed in 1 colour to band

From: $2.37

Price includes your logo printed in 1 colour to front of bag

From: $3.86

Price includes your logo printed 1 colour to cover

From: $4.93

Price includes your logo printed 1 colour on band

From: $8.13

Price includes your logo in 1 colour wrapped around bottle.

From: $6.07

Price includes your logo printed 1 colour wrapped around bottle

From: $0.49

Price includes your logo printed 1 colour under clip

From: $1.08

Price includes your logo laser engraved

Sometimes Less is More in Promotional Products

On your next promotional, think about your audience, instead of giving everyone a low cost item, focus on key relationships, and give a higher value, longer lasting gift.

Below are some great high value items on popular products.

Upgrade Your Tote

There is more to tote bags than non-woven and calico. For times when you really want to stand out in the sea of tote bags, we’ve got a great range of fashion forward bags for your brand.

Yubari Canvas Tote Bag – Heavy duty cotton canvas with internal zipper pocket available in 8 vibrant colours.

Pepino Felt Tote Bag – Fashion forward tote bag made from trendy poly-felt with extra capacity gusset base.

Retail Brands

Upgrade your next branded tee by selecting from our range of AS Colour tees. Retail quality at corporate prices is great for your brand!

AS Colour Staple Tee – Large range of colours, quality 100% cotton tee. Order as little as 10 tees with your logo!

AS Colour Mali Tee – Classic ladies tee available in great range of colours. Lightweight 100% cotton.

Swiss Made

Instead of racing to the bottom for the cheapest metal pen you can find, why not spend the same amount on a quality, Swiss designed and made plastic pen.

Swiss Chalk Pen – Sleek Swiss design with one piece colour body and contrast white clip. Push button action.

Swiss Toro Pen – Swiss designed 3 sided shape with one piece colour body and contrast white clip. Push button action.

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Branded Merchandise Trends For 2019

Back to Basics

Each year seems to bring the next big fad or flashy idea, 2019 will be a return to what’s comfortable and familiar. When ad sales moved from radio to TV, people were still giving away branded pens. When everyone thought the internet would dominate all ad sales, promotional hats became more popular!

  • Branded PensYes, that’s right, pens! It’s easy to forget that 89% of consumers own a promotional pen, which they keep on average for 9 months!
  • Promotional CapsA well designed baseball cap is a walking billboard, which helps your logo be seen over 3,000 times!

Reduce, Reuse, Refill

Nearly 12 months later and the #WarOnWaste shows no signs of slowing down. And bringing your own bag and cup, now saves you money at the supermarket and your favourite cafe. A great positive association for your brand!

  • Custom Coffee CupsWe all love a caffeine boost in the morning. Get your brand to help your staff and clients save money on their next cup!
  • Custom Tote Bags. On average branded tote bags are kept for 11 months and with a large print area, are a great way for your brand to be seen!

Less is More

A focus on quality rather than quantity is the new norm in branded merchandise. On your next promotional, think about your audience, instead of giving everyone a low cost item, focus on those you relationships you cherish, and give those people a higher value, longer lasting gift.

  • Branded BackpacksThinking of doing a tote bag? Why not upgrade to a backpack for those extra special people in your life? Retail inspired styles are now even more affordable than ever.
  • Swiss Made. Instead of racing to the bottom for the cheapest metal pen you can find, why not spend the same amount on a quality, Swiss designed and made plastic pen.

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What’s trending in promo items for 2018?

We expect 2018 to be an exciting year for all things new in promotional products. Some of the best promotional products from 2017, like our selection of kitchen promo items, will be as popular as ever. We also sourced some cool new promotional items in the our range of promo bottle openers.

Below are some of the cool promotional items and BIG ideas set to take off in 2018. Some are new products, other ideas are new and interesting ways to package your favourite promo items.


Sock it to me.

Travel or event planner? Organising a fundraiser? School or sporting club? A great promo item is one that is useful, which makes this one of the best around. Get your brand on peoples feet.
Let us design your next comfy promotion <>



Let’s hang around.

A really cost effective way to give your promotion a real retail feel is to add a custom designed hang tag to your item. With a little bit of creativity, almost any item can have a tag added to it.
Swing me some awesome tag designs<>


Boxing Day is every day.

Sure, those hang tags are awesome, but what you really want is a fully customised gift pack for your item to go in. Our branded pen sleeves are an easy way to add value to the trusty pen.  Plus you get more branding area!
Design me a new home for my awesome merch<>


Bundle up those combos.

Sometimes one item just isn’t enough to get across how awesome your brand is. Combine a number of items in to your very own bespoke gift pack. Tie them together with ribbon branded with your logo for that finishing touch.
My very own custom gift pack sounds awesome <>


Be playful with your branding.

The more fun your promo items are, the longer people will keep and use them. Think about images of your branded merchandise being shared all over social media.
Give me some quirky ideas for my next promo item <>


Happy to help.

But how can you do these ideas for your brand? That’s where we come in. We want everyone to be able to add all this awesome value and fun to your merchandise.

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll start creating.

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Why I love promotional products, and you should too!

For almost two decades I’ve been involved in the promotional products industry and while there have been many new and exciting developments, one thing has remained constant: promo items are one of the most underrated and underutilised ways to promote your brand, by big brands and small brands alike.

Maybe that’s why I love them, being such an underrated part of marketing makes them so powerful. What better way to stand out from your competition than to do something they have probably overlooked! Or they are not using in the best possible way.

The main reason I love them, they work. Think of your own experiences and how annoying it is to be watching your favourite TV show only for it to be interrupted by an ad. Are we meant to reward that brand by purchasing their product? Sure every so often there is an ad that breaks big (not happy Jan) but just as the Yellow Pages featured in that ad have been consigned to the recycle bin, so too are TV, radio and newspaper ads, the cornerstone of so many marketing campaigns of the past are approaching their use by dates.

What’s this got to do with promotional products? The very first record of a promotional product is way back in 1789. 117 years before the first radio broadcast, a massive 139 before the first TV ad and even longer before anyone ever clicked on a pop-up ad. Despite being around for over 200 years, more money was spent on promotional products this decade than the last. In a world where everyone is writing obituaries for the death of traditional advertising, the most traditional of all advertising is not only alive, it’s thriving.

One of the best things about promotional products and branded merchandise, they are easy and accessible to everyone. No need for a big ad spend or expensive marketing team, your business name and phone number on a pen with your logo will be kept by 56% of people for over a year! A branded drink bottle, with your logo and services, will mean your business will be remembered by over 76% of people.

For a small business wanting to show their customers, they care, through to large national campaigns, promotional products can give you great value for your spend, with no stress and great positive association for your brand.

Call us on 1300 113 799 to talk about your next piece of branded merchandise.

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Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients in 2017

It can be a bit of a mad rush this time of year. No matter how much preparation we do, every year Christmas seems to sneak up on us. We want to make the process of selecting your client Christmas gifts as simple as possible this year. The following are some items we think will be a hit with everyone!

Classic Christmas

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