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A new employee welcome kit or kits are immensely beneficial to any business that hires new staff. A welcome kit helps ease the transition of beginning a new job and can reduce the anxiety of both the new employee and the person onboarding the new employees. Successful onboarding is proven to increase job satisfaction, lead to retention of staff, and boost company culture!

What do I need to begin making my welcome pack?

  • Know your budget
  • Know your company culture. This helps us in inspiring employees!
  • Welcome pack numbers. Are you inducting one employee or 200?

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What's the big deal around New Employee Welcome Kits?

Recently there has been a lot of buzz around employment as the great resignation unfolds before our eyes. Many industries are experiencing massive shifts in how they hire, fire, train and retain staff. The pandemic reshaped employees' expectations. Lockdowns and working from home exposed the workplaces that cared for their team and those that didn't. We saw a global shift around staff appreciation and support and what employees were allowed to expect from their workplace! As we crawled out of the perpetual cycle of lockdowns, potential or existing employees reflected on their work-life balance, the importance of company culture, flexibility, staff appreciation and staff retention over the worst periods of the pandemic. Workplaces had to pick up their game or risk losing valuable staff to companies that would invest time, appreciation and understanding into that valuable new employee or new talent! Here in the promo world, we have always worked with recruitment teams to bring them branded swag for new staff. However, in the last year, we have seen a massive increase in the desire for the super effective, new hire employee welcome kit. These new hire welcome kits no longer just included the pen and name tag. With industries competing to nab the best employees and show appreciation, an employee welcome kit has begun to encompass much more! We have created a range of new hire welcome packs by honing in on the specifics of different industries' needs. And in doing so, we have discovered even more ways to get creative with welcoming your new employees, have fun in the process and show your new staffers a little love!

What Really is an Employee Welcome Kit?

Let us break it down. You hire a bunch of new staff. They are all arriving – anxious for their first day. ! You have 25 sets of eyes blinking back at you expectantly, waiting for you to lead them into their new role in their new job! The coming days are critical, and you want to ensure your new hire feels welcomed, knows where the toilets are and feels equipped to meet their new role with confidence and enthusiasm. The first few weeks of a new job are full speed ahead. As the hirer, you may have maps, emergency procedures, safety essentials and manuals to share. There is WiFi to set up, policies to go over, and team introductions to make. The list is long! A fantastic way to ensure your new team member hits the ground running is welcoming them with an employee welcome kit. This pack may include a uniform, a badge or a lanyard. It might have a set of instructions, a manual or even their contract within it! You could include office gear like tech or stationery that they will need on their first day – or something less practical but fun to show off your work culture! A new employee welcome kit is a pack that include a mix of practicality with a touch of personality to guarantee higher productivity! Finally, utilizing welcome packages makes the onboarding process A. Whole. Lot. Easier!

Are New Hire Kits just for the corporate world?

Every industry benefits from starting its new hires off on the right foot. However, people often think a new employee welcome kit is only office-oriented products. But we don't stop there. Some great examples of products that are not corporate-focused are:
  • Branded Caps. These are great for workplaces that get outdoors! Creative industries (think hipsters) and trades
  • Hi-Vis. You can include high-vis uniforms, vests or products for industries with specific industry standards to adhere to!
  • Beanie's – work somewhere cold? Early mornings or late nights? You can tailor your pack to weather as well as an industry!
  • Lunch cooler bags. Not every industry has an ice-cold fridge. Some days you might be on-site, working in landscaping, environmental jobs, or just travelling for work!
  • Bottle openers
  • Torches
  • Tape measures
  • Fitness bands

Are New Employee Welcome Packs only for NEW Employees?

No! Showing appreciation, consistent mentoring, check-ins, and support should be standard throughout employment, whether you're a new employee or not! While research shows that effective onboarding increases productivity and staff retention, that period does not end after a few weeks. Continual onboarding could be a three or 6-month review, training days, conferences, virtual meetings, promotions, and work anniversaries. These are fantastic opportunities to check in, advise, train, and retain your staff! And highly effective times to create and deliver staff kits! An example of a staff welcome kit that can be utilized for conferences, training days or industry events is the Enjoy Conference Snack Pack or the Networker Gift Pack!

What do I include in my Employees Welcome Kit? 

We try and take the hard work out of building a new hire kit by giving you packs to choose from. However! We love to create custom packs or build or borrow from existing packs! If you want to amend, add or build one from the bottom up this list is where to start! Every budget is different, and we get that! Here are some basics that we think a new hire welcome kit should strive to include!

Something Industry-specific.

This could be as simple as a lanyard with their nametag, a branded tape measure or a nurse watch! Including products specific to your industry is an excellent opportunity to supply your new hire with items they need to start their new role without delay!

Something to Wear!

Don't sweat! It doesn't have to be a hoodie; it could be a cap, t shirt, tote bag, or even a lanyard. Apparel is also a great idea to help someone fit in on their first day and is a cool way to get your company logo out there. Part of effective onboarding is giving your employees a sense of belonging. You want your new hire to feel like they are a part of a team! Branded apparel is a quick way to evoke a sense of unity, up your work culture and build that team vibe!

Something to Drink Out of!

Yep – no matter who you are or where you work, you need to hydrate! Drink bottles offer excellent branding space and are sure to be used daily by your new employees, meaning you get the added bonus of having your company name out there! Ensure it is a reusable water bottle, so you have that eco-friendly tick of approval! Level up your welcome kit by adding a reusable coffee cup or coffee mug as well as a drink bottle! No day is OK without a coffee, and your new team member will use both items daily.


Let's face it. We live in a tech-obsessed world! These items could be wireless phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, USBs, a power bank or a charging mouse mat! Supplying tech that your new hires need to do their job is also a fantastic opportunity to add ease to your onboarding process. Go one step further than the essential items and gift over-ear headphones to show you encourage chill-out time and creativity!

Something Sweet.

What is better than opening your draw at 3:00 pm to find some healthy snacks? (Or unhealthy, we don't judge!) Add some high quality snacks to your welcome kit, like a gorgeously branded Toblerone bar, nutritious nut bar or some Kangaroo Valley popcorn. Nothing creates a lasting first impression than sweet, chocolatey goodness!

Something Unique or Fun!

When welcoming a new employee, adding something unique or fun can be a great way to show your company's personality and set you apart from the crowd. Items like a desk plant, vintage games, or a cocktail-making set are some quirky and fun examples that are sure to make a great first impression! This is super important if you want to stand out from the crowd in the hiring process! While the essentials are important, your new team members feel a stronger connection to your brand if they can connect with it on a personal level! What better way to build a rapport on a first day than with something fun that will create a lasting impact. And if you don't see something on Lanewaypromos.com.au let us know. We love sourcing fun product that is outside the box. We want to hear your creative ideas, and what your company values so that we can help you make the best, most positive impression!

Company Induction Materials

We can't forget the serious stuff! Your new employees will need an employee handbook, information pamphlets, manuals or even a map for their new company! Add a branded pen to the employee handbook

A Personal Touch Makes a Warm Welcome!

When welcoming a new employee, a personal touch like a handwritten letter goes a long way. It is not always possible to handwrite a welcome letter however! All our new employee welcome gift packs include a branded A6 Card, with your logo and a welcome note for your new employee You choose the message, and we include it in every new hire swag kit! A personal touch is a down-to-earth way to make that new hire feel welcomed and ensures a positive experience.

Our 5 Favourite Laneway Promos Kit Ideas

  1. Eco Gift Pack . Value a sustainable lifestyle? This is a great example of aligning your company values with your welcome kit!
  2. Welcome Aboard Gift Pack. A super elite new hire welcome kit! Chockers full of office supplies, and company swag to ensure your new employees first week is epic.
  3. Desktop Zen Pack. This kit includes everything to keep your new hires focused! Whether working from home or the trendiest of coffee shops, this welcome kit has all the office supplies needed for a productive day.
  4. Eco Innovator Gift Pack. Make sure your company stands out with this kit idea! Gorgeous bamboo products, super soft hoodie and the Eco-friendly tick makes this induction box a favourite!
  5. Innovator Gift Pack. This employee welcome kit is sure to make your employees feel part of the crew!

Other Common Questions About Your Employee Onboarding Kit

Is my brand logo on every item?

Yes, every item we have on Laneway Promos includes the price of a one-colour logo. All of our ready-made gift packs pricing includes every item branded. But if you want a mix of branded and unbranded, just ask!

I want to send my new employee their onboarding packs before their first day?

This is a superb idea to get your new employee excited for the start of their new role! You can also ensure they feel prepped before their first day, and they can arrive wearing their branded t-shirt or toting their branded coffee cup! We offer individual delivery across Australia for a flat rate of $13.50 per address. Are you sending overseas? Just ask one of the team!

My Budget is super tight. What are the MOST essential items to include in my new employee welcome packet?

The very best items to include in your employee welcome packages (if you can only choose a few) would be:
  • A drink bottle OR coffee cup (used every day, practical and looks great on your desk)
  • Office supplies (think notebook and pen!)
  • A tote bag (Holds your gear, and they can include maps, paperwork and contracts they may receive throughout the following weeks)
  • A welcome letter (It costs nothing to write a handwritten note!)
  • And of course, an employee handbook

Here at Laneway Promos, we love branded merchandise. And we believe you should celebrate every employee daily! We have put together Employee Welcome Gift Packs to help you do so. 

We love building custom welcome kits, choose the product you like and let us do the rest! Or, feeling stuck? Let's chat together, to find your new members the best company swag!